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Andrea Salinas


I am a proud product of Harlandale.  I attended Schulze,Kingborough, and graduated from McCollum High School.  I attended andgraduated from UTSA.  I currently hold a Master's Degree in SchoolCounseling


This is my 11th year working in Harlandale ISD.  I worked atBellaire Elementary as a 4th grade teacher for five years and a 1stgrade teacher for one year.  I then moved on to Morrill Elementary as acounselor.  I have been a counselor at Morrill for five years. 

Working with students in Harlandale, the community in which I grew upin, is a passion of mine and I hope to continue for many years tocome.


 I grew up and went to school in the Harlandale community.  Igraduated from McCollum High School in 1990, and went on to graduatewith a degree from UTSA.  Since then, I continued my education andattained a Master's Degree in Counseling.  I started out my career withHISD as a teacher at Bellaire Elementary.  During that time, I met andmarried my husband of 6 years.  I then went on to become a counselor atMorrill Elementary.  I have been at Morrill for 5 years. 

I value the importance of education and in working with the students of HISD I hope to instill that value within them. 

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